Dar-El-Kebria Orphanage, Kennatra

You will often find in small villages in Morocco the girls in the families are sent to work at an early age while the boys are educated. This is a social issue as the boys are expected to be better bread earners, whilst the girls education is often sacrificed for the families future. COH projects in the Moroccan orphanages provide food, shelter, and all necessities needed for the children to have an opportunity to grow and become successful individuals in their community. These are children abandoned by their families due to poverty and social, cultural, and tourist issues arising from the stigmas that plague Morocco. COH gives these children a real opportunity for a better life and to make a difference at the ground level in changing their future.

COH in Nepal

COH has partnership with Human Relief Organization in Krishna Nagar, Nepal, to support 46 destitute children and 10 Orphans in Children of Hope School, 4 Orphans and 18 destitute children in Sahara Public School. Children study from Nursery to Grade 6. Both Schools are located in Krishna Nagar, Kapilvastu, Nepal. COH has been providing the educational support to these children since year 2013. More detailed information can be found on the following link:  


COH in Pakistan

Children of Hope is actively involved in teaming up with a number of organizations to address educational needs of flood affected children. There are currently three active COH projects being lead in the region of Pakistan.

PDAP, Literacy and Numerical Skills, Bangladesh

The proposed project involves a partnership with the Participatory Development Action (PDAP) group which was established as a NGO in 2003.

This particular initiative involves the enhancement of literacy and numerical skills of Bihari impoverished/orphaned children living in Bangladesh through the development and support of three learning centers located throughout the Bihari slum area. The enhancement and enrichment of these children‘s lives through the learning centers, involves the support for nourishment, cost of educational items such as books, chalk boards, small furniture items, in addition to teacher salaries.

This project will help children enrich their lives through obtaining education and skill sets which will allow them to utilize these skills in society to obtain good jobs in the future. Currently Bihari children, who are lacking these skill sets, are often working in the garment industry or other labour intensive tasks.

Sri Lanka

Tsunami Natural Disaster

The tsunami of December 26th 2004 wiped out entire villages. Families were swept out to sea, their bodies consumed by the ocean never to be seen again. News reports estimate that thousands of the dead were children and thousands more have been left homeless and orphaned.

The fear is this huge number of displaced children will bring forth child traffickers who bring promises of food, clothing and shelter only to sell these innocent victims to the highest bidder.

In Sri Lanka, children face the added peril of landmines — leftovers of the country’s years of civil war — suddenly thrust to the surface by the huge tidal waves.

Please donate to the Rohingyas that are fleeing Myanmar every day... This is a humanitarian crisis that needs to be addressed!


- The UN consider the Rohingya to be the world’s most persecuted people.
- The current attacks have forced 290,000 Rohingya to flee to Bangladesh according to the UN.
- The UN also says that it is not allowed to serve food, water, and medicine to about 400,000 other Rohingya people who have fled to mountains and forest within Burma to avoid prosecution.
- The Burma military attacks worsen as they have recently laid mines on the Bangladesh-Burma border preventing Rohingya to reach safe haven in Bangladesh.

Donation for Rohingya Muslim children
Zakat Donation for Rohingya Muslim children

COH  and Syrian Refugees in Canada

Children of Hope (COH) on a short term has decided to team up with dedicated individuals who are sponsoring a Syrian family from war torn areas to Canada to settle in Toronto and would be responsible for taking care of the family for one whole year to ensure they are successful for the long term. COH will be providing funds to help with purchasing of all household items such as Beds, Crib, Dressers, Comforters, Couch, Book Shelves, Computer etc., for the family.
COH is also looking into partnering with local non-for-profit organization/s for providing financial support to Syrian refugees with special needs kids. The support will help in covering cost associated with schooling of special needs kids, health care, trauma counselling, medication and other special needs.
COH Projects will help the Syrian refugees and their destitute and/or special needs children persevere their dignity as they look forward to a better and peaceful life in Canada.