Current Projects

Children Of Hope is dedicated to the needs of orphan children around the world and to transforming their lives.

While we also provide relief for urgent needs of orphan children and their communities by partnering in fund raisers with local organizations, Children Of Hope is committed to bringing lasting solutions that care for the children’s physical, educational, and over all well being in a way that gives them hope for a brighter future. Click below to learn more about what COH is involved in around the world.

One Girl’s Orphanage, Koshal Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan

COH is partnering with Afghan Child Education and Care Organization (AFCECO) to provide for all the educational needs of one girls’ orphanage of 70 children for one year in Khoshal Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan.

The project includes the hiring of 5 tutors to work with students on their studies in Computer, Science, Math, English and Art.




Second Project:

COH has partnership with Orphan House Foundation in Kabul, Afghnistan, to support 14 Orphans. COH has provided funds to purchase a bus for orphanage to drive the children to and from school. More detailed information can be found on the following link:


Pakhimara Orphanage, JamalPur, Bangladesh

Children of Hope are actively working within a small village in Bangladesh to operate an orphanage home housing 23 children.

Pakhimara village is approx. 300 Km Northwest of Dhaka. It is almost 4-5 hours bus ride away. The orphanage home is a nicely built two story home. All of the children (23 in total) are extremely happy having a well organized place to live and being fed nicely. They attend regular public school. After breakfast they go to their regular public school. In the after noon they have the opportunity to interact among themselves by having games (Soccer,etc). The home has a big enough yard for lots of extra curricularactivities.


Second Project:

COH has partnership with PDAP Learning Centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to provide funding for educational tools for 50 children at PDAP learning centre. Children from very poor families living in slums come to this centre to learn basic education and also healthy breakfast is provided to these children. More detailed information can be found on the following link:



Orphan Sponsorship Program, Georgetown, Guyana

COH is currently working with CIOG, to provide educational needs of 50 orphans in Guyana.

Since 2009, Children of Hope has sponsored the educational needs of 50 orphans in Guyana. The Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG), COH‘s partner in that country, is managing the program by ensuring that COH‘s requirements are complied with, and that the funds are properly dispersed and accounted for in a transparent manner.

These ongoing efforts have enriched the lives of these children by providing them with the opportunity to receive an education which will enable them to earn a livelihood in the future.

Children of Hope School and Orphanage , Cap Haitian, Haiti

Children of Hope in partnership with HAICI (USA) and Bilal Foundation have built a primary school in Cap Haitian, Haiti.

The primary school has been opened since January 2012 and children currently enrolled in this school consist of 270 students, both orphans and poor children.

The second phase of this project is to build an orphanage where COH will provide (1) shelter, (2) food, and (3) basic health to approximately 100 orphans.



Happy Homes and Fatima Care Orphanages, New Delhi, India

Children of Hope partnered with the Zakat Foundation of India to support 35 boys and 32 girls, affected by communal riots in 2002.

Boys and girls are living in two separate houses and are being provided with basic needs and schooling. COH is committed to providing ongoing funding to these orphans.



Second Project in India:

COH has partnership with Mustafa Sabia Education Trust inTamil Nadu, India, to support 100 girls in Education of Poverty ridden Muslims girls from underprivileged families. Girls are studying in different schools in seven villages in Dindugal district in Tamil Nadu, India. More detailed information can be found on the following link:



Third Project in India:

COH has partnership with Bhu Worth Child Care (BWCC) in Nawanshahr, Punjab, India to support more than 50 children.


Zawadi La Tumaini , Kenya 

Kenya: COH has partnership with Zawadi la Tumaini Children's Home, located in Kikuyu, Kenya. Zawadi la Tumaini Children's Home was founded by a Canadian and run through a Board of Directors based in Sudbury, Ontario. The Home currently provides care to 23 orphaned and abandoned children, will be expanding to 27 orphaned children in August 2015, with the support of Children of Hope. Zawadi la Tumaini Children's Home is one of the only multi faith orphanages in existence in Kenya. The organization provides a home and support to all orphaned children regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs. 


Faith’s Medical Journey 

Children of Hope currently assist with medical care, food and education for 5 orphans Children and assist Live-­in house mother. More detailed information can be found on the Following link:


Aids Epidemic, Lake Malawi, Africa

This narrow country of 12 million borders Lake Malawi. Tragically, some 1.2 million of its children have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic that has swept sub-Saharan Africa

This number of AIDS orphans is projected to double or triple in this region by 2010. Already overtaxed relatives are turning away their orphaned nieces and nephews, granddaughters and grandsons, to fend for themselves on the streets. As a result, many children take up theft or prostitution as a means to survive.

Many of the children have lost both parents and are living in villages with relatives. But, in many cases these relatives are already caring for multiple children, sometimes as many as 30. Often there is no food for an additional mouth to eat.