COH Team


The current Board of Directors comprises of dedicated professionals whose sole goal is to ensure that the objectives of Children Of Hope are met consistently, ethically, and in a manner which helps secure the needs of orphaned and destitute children first, and foremost.  The current Board consists of individuals who are passionate, dedicated, and who have a varied background in Finance, IT, and Engineering.  Collectively, the board  members of Children Of Hope have over 25 years of experience in humanitarian and charitable work.

Sadiq Hasan Umair Shah Saba Memon
Shashi Bedi Sarah Nehme Ehsan Zafer



Children of Hope draws on the experience of community leaders from all walks of life. These advisers have helped us craft our vision. We would like to thank and acknowledge their contributions.

Chief Armand La-barge (Retd.)  Mark Holland Dr. Abida Usman
Faisal Kutty Advisor (to be filled)



The current team of volunteers, are comprised of passionate and dedicated professionals, who provide their personal time to ensure that the day to day activities are met consistently, and that the objectives and deliverable’s of Children Of Hope are always met on time.

  • Saeed Ahmad          Accounts
  • Saba Memon:          Special projects & Events
  • Roya Aman:             Projects coordinator
  • Shamis Hagar:          Projects coordinator
  • Kashan Nazir:           Information Technology
  • Kashan Chaudhry:    Communications
  • Sabrina Shah           Events coordinator