Who We Are

Children of Hope is a volunteer organization governed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of community leaders, entrepreneurs, and young professionals

Board members are committed to delivering Children of Hope’s mandate and continuing to grow its ability to “make a difference” through advocacy and raising funds for orphans and destitute children.

The Board’s responsibilities include accountability, administering and approving funds, managing projects, and providing guidance on proposed initiatives. Our committed volunteer base comprises of individuals with various skills and expertise, which are leveraged to steer our key initiatives. Many of our volunteers are parents with young families, from various backgrounds and cultures, who feel compelled to help those children in the world who are vulnerable and in dire need of our help.

Children of Hope is federally registered with the Government of Canada and Canada Revenue Agency (Registered Charity No: 84038 4879 RR0001) and functions under the Canada corporations Act. The organization maintains a strict policy of accountability and transparency in all its transactions.

Did You Know?

  • There are currently 68.9 million orphans in Asia, giving this region the largest absolute number of orphans in the world.
  • It is estimated there are between 143 million and 210 million orphans worldwide (recent UNICEF report.).
  • 95 per cent of all orphans are over the age of five.
  • Major causes include poverty, disease, war, famine and HIV/AIDS.
  • Adoption experts say the best thing people can do to help orphans is to donate money to causes that directly help the children.


We hope to fulfill three key objectives with Children of Hope:
  • To provide assistance to orphans and destitute children
  • To develop and strengthen educational opportunities for orphans and destitute children.
  • To provide opportunities for vocational training for orphans and destitute.

Our Mission

Children of Hope (COH) is a Canadian Charitable Organization with a mandate of supporting the needs of under privileged children around the world. COH is motivated by principles of humanity and equality with a focus on helping orphan and destitute children regardless of caste, culture, color, region and religion.